Shenkel UCC COVID-19 Update


Greetings members and friends:


It’s hard to imagine that is was just 8 days ago when we took our first steps to protect our members and staff from the virus.  So much has happened since then.  I’m writing today to let you know our latest plans for Shenkel.


We will be honoring Governor Wolfe’s “Stay-At-Home” directive through April 6th.  In addition to cancelling meetings, practices, and events, the church office will be closed.  Pastor Suzanne will be working from her home office and Lisa will be checking and responding to emails from her home.


In an effort to help our congregation keep in touch and see and talk to each other, we have obtained a license for the Zoom on-line meeting application.    We plan to send an email blast with a link for a possible “on-line gathering” for our Shenkel family.    We are also plan to deliver a service again this week.  Watch for the link for that also.  As Pastor Suzanne mentioned in her sermon last week “social distancing shouldn’t lead us to spiritual distancing”.


After you receive the Zoom link, let us know if you are having trouble getting connected.  I’m certain we can find a young person who knows exactly what to do.


This was sent to me last week from a person in Italy, and I found it quite meaningful:


            It is not easy but these days are allowing us to appreciate many things that we did not even

            realize we have:


            TIME:  Now we have it and we can decide how to spend it;


FAMILY:  It never happened in the last years to have 20 days to spend with my family, being everyone at home all day, doing something together.         


So we will be strong and make it through, ready to re-start even stronger than before, but in the meanwhile we will take advantage of the “opportunity” as much as we can.


As Paul wrote to the Romans “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”  (That patience part is particularly hard for me.)  Hope, patience, and prayer are just what we need right now.


Randy Berriker

Consistory President


The link for the Zoom meeting is:


Blessings and stay safe,



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