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Eastwick Rebuild Project

Dear Gary,


Thank you for volunteering and showing support and dedication to the flood survivors in the Eastwick community.  With your support, homeowners have the experience of knowing that people do care about helping those in trauma from flood disasters.  The community by itself could not meet the needs of so many in need of air handlers, water heaters, mold mitigation and other home repairs, to mention a few.  During times of dire need to recover from disaster

while also experiencing a Pandemic has shifted their lives in so many ways.  Your volunteerism was instrumental in meeting the unmet needs of the community.  Thanks for all that your group  ave done.  The willingness and dedication of time and resources are greatly appreciated.  We also want to thank you for the $3000.00 donation made to the community.



Eastwick United,  East Unmet Needs Roundtable

Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition

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